Learn the Secrets of Excelling as a Trainer


As a seasoned trainer, the next big step is in becoming a master trainer. Master training requires certain key proficiencies that go beyond domain knowledge and training skills. Some of these competencies can be developed over time through hands on training experience or organisational and personal development experiences. However, we at Talk to Win have nailed down what it takes to transition from being a trainer to a master trainer. Our five-day program covers well defined behaviours, training styles and thought processes coupled with industry secrets to help any experienced trainer transition into the role of a master trainer.

Who Can Attend

Our Train the Trainer program incorporates the Blended Learning technique to provide you with the much-needed post-training support. Today, e-learning has revolutionized and certainly changed the way we look at acquiring knowledge and skill. As a result, Talk to Win has partnered to develop an LMS platform to enhance your learning experience and evolve the learning process. Most importantly it will act as the key to re-enforce the learnings from the sessions over the course of 8 weeks and increase the application ability of the learners to post the training sessions.

Experienced Coaches

Senior HR Professionals with training expertise

Senior Facilitators and Change Agents in organizations

Anybody who wants to make a transition from Trainer to Master Trainer

Subject Matter Experts who also play a Trainer role

Trainers and Coaches certified by some of the leading bodies in the world

Training Managers

Heads of organizations or functions with training experience

Talk To Win Certified Trainers

Experienced Technical Trainers

Experienced Trainers

Heads of organizations or functions with training experience